Determining the Amount of Child Support

The amount to be paid for child support is dependent on the number of children, their ages, location of living, the jurisdiction as well as the income of the custodial parent. Based on these factors, the amount of child support Maryland is calculated. There are times that a child can be signed up for health insurance, however, when parents have no capacity to afford such payment, an appeal in court is allowed.

For single parents, when a question arises regarding who is the child’s father, the state courts in Maryland may order a paternity test. The child support laws in Maryland may be different from other states; therefore, it is vital that parents should be familiar with the laws on child support in Maryland, especially those who previously lived in other states.

Before paying for a lawyer to handle the child support case, parents are recommended to contact the office of the state and obtain the facts and information regarding the case. The rules are strictly implemented by court judges; hence, you don’t need to pay a lot for the service of an attorney just to fight for the financial support for your child.